Moving cross country

Your last little birdie has left the nest and you and your spouse have decided to move to a quiet area in the country to get away from all the hustle and bustle. There are a few things that you need to consider such as cost, possessions, home services and even pets.

One of the first things that you need to consider is whether or not you plan to keep all of your possessions or get rid of the things that you no longer want. If you decide on the latter you could have a garage sale, give items to a charity or rent dumpsters to throw out the things that are no longer valuable. Now that you have gotten rid of the excess clutter that you have gathered over the years you now need to consider how you and your possessions are going to get all the way to the country.

You want to make your move cross country as enjoyable, cost effective and as stress free as you can. You basically have two options: flying or driving. If you choose to fly cross country you will need to find out the cost of airfare. If you have enough time on your hands you can shop around for the cheapest flights to your destination. Also consider the amount of baggage that you are allowed to carry. You may have to pay a little extra for additional luggage and have the rest of your possessions shipped.

Let’s say you decide to make it a cross-country driving experience. You will need to decide whether or not you are driving or shipping your car, think about lodging along the way, what time frame you will be working with, how the weather is going to affect the trip and the cost of food and snacks along the way. In both scenarios you would need to hire movers or their equipment and consideration should also be taken if you have a pet and how your pet will make the cross country trip.

In either case the pet will be stressed. Flying on a plane for a pet is very stressful even though they reach the destination a lot faster. If you choose to take him on your road trip it will stress both you and your pet even though he is with you. He will be in confinement and he won’t be very happy and the trip will be way too long.

When it comes to hiring movers you may need to investigate several moving companies before choosing one with regards to cost and the company’s reliability. Don’t forget to read the fine print which may hold some extra clauses and expenses. You can look into hiring a full service company. If you are not shipping your car you also need to consider the cost per day for it being towed along the way and how much damage your car may sustain. You can get “replacement cost only insurance” which will cover the cost of any damages done to your possessions while moving.

Using your own vehicle to tow the trailer is also a possibility. For this long road trip you need to prepare not only yourself but your car as well. Visit your mechanic to get your car a full body inspection. The most important things to check would be the transmission, radiator and the brakes. You will also want to check the air conditioning and the heater. If you fail to prepare your vehicle for the trip it may cost you thousands of dollars if your car stalls and you have to pay for a rental car and tow truck amongst other things to continue with your trip. Remember, you want a stress free and enjoyable trip so preparing for the “just in case” scenarios are crucial.

Now in order to drive your car it must have fuel. You don’t want to break down in the middle of no where. You would need to calculate the cost of fuel which will be determined by the amount of miles you will have to travel.

Besides taking your vehicle to the mechanic you need to ask yourself, “Can my vehicle pull the weight of the trailer long distance, through the different types of weather we may encounter as well as the landscapes that are ahead of us?” If the answer is no you need to review your other options, however if the answer is yes let’s see what else we need to prepare for this trip.

Do you know how to read a map? If you don’t and you want to drive cross country I suggest that you learn before you start your trip or have someone with you who is capable of doing so. Mapping your destination will help you to save time along the way so you’ll have time for other fun things like sight seeing. If you have an out dated map you would need to trade it in for a current road atlas. If you have GPS in your car it makes the trip all the much easier.

Now that you have taken all these things into consideration and you have set your moving date and an estimated time for your arrival to your new location you have a few phone calls to make. You will need to make arrangements for your phone, cable, gas and utilities to be cut off the day after you leave your old home and be connected two days before you reach your new one. If you have any other services such as internet you will need to contact them as well.

Don’t forget to change your posting address. Visit your local post office and fill out the forms that will allow you to do this. They will deliver your mail to your new location based on the date that you have written on your form.

Last but not least leave room in your schedule for the unexpected. Having a tight schedule gives little leeway for this. It doesn’t matter how much you plan, something unexpected will likely come up.

Now that you have everything planned and ready to go, have a safe and enjoyable cross country road trip!

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