Moving Report

7 Golden Tips on How To Choose a Moving Company so You Can Move Stress Free Without Nasty Surprises

1. Check if moving company is licensed? By Law every moving company has to give you license number. If they do have it and anything goes wrong, you have more rights as a consumer to fight against them for damages.

2. Ask them about all the charges they have. When talking to an agent ask them specifically if there will be any hidden charges? And ask to make a list of all charges that will occur during move, assuming there isn’t anything unexpected. Many times moving companies speak vary vaguely when it comes to packing materials (Boxes, shrink and bubble wrap, tape, etc), they are usually extra from company to company. Charges for stairs, long walking is actually illegal, so be careful and always ask ahead.

3. Ask for References from past clients, check out their BBB rating, you can even call Public Utilities Commission and ask about the company if you feel you have doubts. Public Utilities commission is pretty good at this they know all the companies and they will be able to give you some feedback if there was something negative or positive about the company.

4. Ask to get bigger truck and request the crew of more people. People always think 2 people will do the job at the cheapest rate, but when there is stairs involved or there is more furniture, two guys generally get tired quicker and the job starts to drag, items might get damaged, etc. If you request 4 people instead of 2 price is higher, but they also do the job quicker. General rule is – prices are calculated evenly across industry to offset accordingly and they come out pretty much the same in proportion to time, no matter how many people you use. In many cases it is actually cheaper to get 4 guys for $150/hour, rather than 2 guys for $85.00/hour. Since 4 guys will do job twice as fast.

5. Prepare for the move yourself as much as possible. Pack your boxes, pack your wardrobe, disassemble furniture If necessary. So the movers can get everything on the truck easier and don’t waste time on little things.

6. Take care of your movers. They are people also who get thirsty, hungry, tired, etc. perhaps offering some water on a hot day or even a meal for lunch is something that will obviously put you on better terms with them and they will treat you better accordingly!

7. Use common sense. At the end of the day moving companies are in business to make money, movers are in business to make money and you are paying the money, so always be upfront, ask a lot of questions. Get all your bases covered.

And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me for a FREE Consultation on how to better prepare for the stress free move! Report Prepared by, Ed Kubi aka “Moving Stress Relief Agent” with 6 year day to day in field moving experience. For Free Consultation Call me now at: 866-444-6005 or email anytime at: P.S. As a bonus, I have a FREE surprise GIFT to help with your move, just mention word “Stress Free Moving”.